Morgan is a former columnist at the Motley Fool and a former columnist of the Wall Street Journal. Since he started writing for Collaborative Fund in 2016, I have taken a print of his every single blog post and read each of them multiple times. He has a knack for simplifying deep insights from the field of finance by connecting them to ideas from other disciplines. 

One of his super powers is to unpack complex ideas using jargon free and engaging language. His other super power is his lens through which he can cut through the noise and expose the nuances of seemingly conflicting ideas. 

It wasn’t until 2015 that my interest in history was rekindled. Yuval Harari has an unparalleled talent for transforming a dry subject into a fascinating narrative with his unique style of humour and penetrating observation. In Sapiens, Harari provides a sweeping history of human race from 40,000 feet. A deeply thoughtful perspective binding myths, humanism, and other ways that “truths” are not true. When I declared Sapiens as the best book I had read in 2015, I found myself in the good company of people like Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates. They gave the same verdict. It’s such a rich book that I had to literally stop at every page and marvel at Harari’s jaw-dropping insights. A strange mix of history and philosophy.
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